GSA needs tough love

Dear Editor:

George Stevens Academy (GSA) is back once again asking for an additional $1,700 per student over the Maximum Allowable Tuition (MAT). GSA received so much federal (PPP/CARES) money last year that it did not even draw its annual monies from its endowment, which increased over $1 million in 2021. Nonetheless, they are still asking for an additional $500,000 from peninsula towns based on the premise that current tuition is insufficient to properly educate their students.

Any additional monies GSA is asking for will directly and negatively affect every Blue Hill Peninsula town’s budget, and thus the efficacy and institutional health of public schools. We can and should have a strong local high school, but the peninsula needs to hold GSA accountable and impose some tough love, not just hand them more money.

Sean Dooley

Blue Hill

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