Grohoski knows what’s needed

Dear Editor:

Nicole Grohoski is seeking a second term as state representative serving Ellsworth and Trenton. She will be getting my vote, and I hope yours, too! Over the past two years she has held this office, I have attended many of her “Coffee with Constituents” meetings and value her efforts to listen to and engage with the people she serves.

Nicole has done many things during her short time in Augusta, including helping to protect Mainers with pre-existing conditions keep their insurance coverage. As a nurse of over 32 years, this is very important to me personally and professionally. I do not want to see people go without health care coverage simply because the insurance companies don’t want to take the risk to insure them, due to their pre-existing condition. She has also voted to require that insurance companies cover such necessities as prescription drugs, emergency services, maternity care, mental health care and substance use treatment.

Nicole has also voted to lower the cost of prescription drugs and cap the cost of insulin — a vital medication! Additionally, she has helped to increase pay for people who are caring for our older residents and those with disabilities. I could go on, but I hope you understand why Nicole has earned my vote. She understands what is important to us, and what is needed. Because without our health, really, what do we have?

I have many other reasons to support Nicole Grohoski’s re-election, including her availability, her willingness to meet with the people of Ellsworth and Trenton and her level-headedness — something we are sorely in need of in government!

Please join me in re-electing Nicole this election year!

Pilar Burmeister


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