Grohoski is the real deal

Dear Editor: I live in Brunswick and have a job advocating for clean, renewable energy, for no pay. While in Augusta, I observe and communicate with members of the Legislature regularly. Rep. Nicole Grohoski’s constituents in Ellsworth and Trenton showed great wisdom in electing her in 2018. She is the finest kind of representative! Please allow someone “from away” to explain why this is true.

Rep. Grohoski is hardworking, attentive, a good listener, insightful and caring, with a keen sense of duty coupled with an ability to recognize and formulate good policy. She is articulate, and “calls a spade a spade” while exhibiting proper decorum. She exhibited effective leadership within the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee from her seat as a new member. She manages to do all this while maintaining a regular job, being humble, friendly and having a dry sense of humor.

I have seen Rep. Grohoski completely rewrite bills she sponsored after listening to public testimony and stakeholder input — for example, authoring a new net neutrality law that protects Mainers’ access to the free and open internet, while avoiding the costly litigation that other states have faced. She voted against a bill in committee that she had co-sponsored, based on the info presented in the public hearing and a deeper understanding of the impact it would have on Mainers. That is exactly how the legislative process is supposed to work. She should be commended for keeping an open mind throughout the legislative process, until the moment calls for decisiveness.

Of importance, Rep. Grohoski is a thoughtful champion of clean, renewable energy and the local jobs they create, dealing with the realities of climate disruption in a positive way. She is action-oriented, with a practical eye on costs and common sense. She is the real deal. I’ve been fortunate to be represented personally by some fine legislators, and I’d be happy to move into District 132 just so she could represent me directly. Those she represents already could not be more fortunate. Please send her back to Augusta for another term! We all can benefit from her talents and dedication.

Steve Weems Brunswick

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