Grohoski has our backs

Dear Editor:

I am supporting Nicole Grohoski as the Democratic candidate for Senate, serving most of Hancock County. As Nicole transitions from the House to the Senate, even more Mainers will benefit from her dedication to public service.

Nicole was one of my students for six years in the Ellsworth school system. She is still that intelligent, hard worker who embraces any challenge with a positive attitude. She embodies the traits necessary for a senator: an eagerness to research and learn, the ability to listen and strive to understand, the commitment to respond to and represent her constituents and a strong moral compass. She is tuned to the truth and cares about moving all of us forward in a healthy, productive direction.

As representative, she has voted to fully fund education; to expand access to child care; to improve child-care worker wages; to expand Medicaid so that 90,000 more Mainers can now get routine check-ups, medicine and life-saving care; to increase the Homestead Act exemption and let people know about it so they can save money; and to put the responsibility of wasteful packaging on the companies who produce it. Her actions help all of us.

Her concern for the environment and energy puts us in a better position for both the present and the future. She promotes a transformative shift in attitude that incentivizes recycling and reusing.

Nicole‚Äôs voting record is public, and she encourages anyone with a concern to contact her at [email protected] or 358-8333. We can count on her to study the issue.

What impresses me most about Nicole is that she exemplifies true representative government. Her tireless efforts to connect with people are evidenced in many ways: holding monthly coffee meetings open to everyone to share views and learn about what is going on in the Legislature, sending out literature and personally visiting thousands of constituents to hear and discuss their concerns during the campaign season. She listens attentively, researches thoroughly and acts with the best interest of everyone in mind.

Nicole Grohoski has our backs. She is democracy in action.

Nancy Patterson




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