Grange opposes salmon farm

Dear Editor:

The mission of Seaside Grange No. 567 in Corea is in part to advocate for farming and farmers, including support of aquaculture endeavors in Frenchman Bay. After deliberation, however, the members of Seaside Grange voted on Sept. 7 to oppose American Aquafarms’ planned construction of a salmon farm in Frenchman Bay and its accompanying fish processing factory in Prospect Harbor.

The large-scale fish farm and factory proposed for Gouldsboro is incompatible with the fabric and character of the Gouldsboro community, with the existing aquaculture in the bay and with the mission of Acadia National Park, whose land would surround the proposed fish pens. Probable damage to Frenchman Bay and the industries it supports could be devastating and irreversible. It could destroy the quality of life and livelihoods of people in the surrounding towns, and the impact on the health of the nearby islands and national park could be disastrous.

There are many unanswered questions about the large-scale fish farm and factory proposal and the technology applied on this level is untested. The probable costs to the surrounding communities far outweigh any potential benefits. In addition to devastating existing marine resource-based occupations in Frenchman Bay, this large-scale “farm” could substantially lower our quality-of-life indices and would likely have a chilling effect on the tourism revenues that benefit the Schoodic region. For these reasons, Seaside Grange No. 567 stands in opposition to the proposed “farm.”

Joan E. Moore

President, Seaside Grange No. 567


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