Governor needs some more feedback

Dear Editor:

In June, Governor LePage’s treatment of Mark Eves made the national media. Last month, when the Legislature was in session, he stymied governing from happening in Maine by vetoing every bill that came before him to pressure the legislators to do as he wished.

Recently he stated that southern Maine ignores and welcomes corruption (his words), which seem to disparage half the state.

The Governor’s tax proposals have also come under intense criticism, and with reason. The result of various forms of taxation is well known. Progressive income taxes are the fairest of taxes because they spread the tax load. Sales, excise and property taxes (regressive taxes) are the most unfair because they hit the middle class, while favoring the wealthy. Such taxes increase inequality. Only seven states function without any income tax whatsoever, but most of them have supplementary tax income, which Maine does not (Nevada taxes gambling; Texas taxes oil extraction; Alaska taxes oil; Wyoming, minerals; etc.).

Perhaps the Governor could use some feedback from the legislators and from us.

Bill Lawless


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