Going the distance for local cancer patient

Dear Editor:

I have a new instrument of torture at my house. It is called my bike seat. I enjoy my Bontrager 7.4 bike very much, but after pedaling over 122 miles on Thursday and Friday of last week, I was ready to toss it into the Union River. When I planned this trek earlier in the season, it did not occur to me that July 30 and 31 would be two of the hottest days of the year. Why did I ride to Roque Bluffs and back to Ellsworth in two days time?

I chose to ride in honor of Andy Mays, Southwest Harbor fisherman, Shriner, father of three, husband to Michelle, parishioner at St. Joseph’s Church and friend to all. In the midst of battling cancer, however, Andy cannot carry out his many roles. With the help of “gofundme,” I was able to launch a successful fundraising event that touched hearts all the way to New Zealand and back to Hancock County. The website helps collect the money, etc., and all I had to do was fulfill my promise to ride the distance.

My dehydration was temporary, of course. The dark-haired goddess at Hancock Grocery sold me Gatorade. I was sore, but the pool at the Blueberry Patch Motel in Jonesboro was great. I could not use my thumbs for a few days, but they are recovering. I was famished, but Dennis and Cindy Colson of Harrington fed me well — twice! The sunscreen prevented most of a sunburn. My pain was gone when I got off the seat.

But the pain and anguish of cancer doesn’t disappear that fast, does it? What will you do to help a fellow community member in his time of need? Consider visiting gofundme.com/xsvgv4 and following the progress of this trek. Pay it forward, and God bless.

Karen Bruck, MD


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