Forward thinking needed

Dear Editor:

In 2010, I was one of the 130 people who lost their job when the Stinson Seafood cannery closed. I’ll never forget that day and the feeling that our community might never recover. Opportunities in our area can be limited and many industries are seasonal. So many had devoted their lives to the cannery with years of service. It was a major part of the community and gave those families the ability to thrive in their hometowns for decades. Since then, reflecting on my experience and witnessing the fall of many Maine industries on the coast and beyond, I’ve spent my life working to expand economic opportunities for individuals and encouraging employers to start their businesses here. I want to see opportunities for our youth and a future of living here in Downeast Maine.

In order to maintain our coastal economy for future generations, we need to be innovative, forward-thinking and open to new concepts, all while being conscious of the environment and the local fisherman who are established in our bays. Regardless, we need to find a way to keep our working waterfront for all aquaculture industries. Too much is at stake and the future is unclear.

American Aquafarms plans on establishing a hatchery, fish farm facility and a state-of-the art processing plant that will result in many needed high-quality, year-round jobs in our community. This operation will produce salmon safely and sustainably, while helping to fight climate change and bolster our Maine-made food systems. They will also set the bar for open water operations and have addressed many issues related with traditional fish farming. Ultimately, this company will strengthen our working waterfront and give the next generation a chance to see businesses open, not shutter their doors and move away.

We need investment in our area and should support the opportunity to become pioneers in an industry that will support the local economy and our youth in the times ahead.

I’m not looking backward, and neither should you. Our future depends on it.

Tiffany Linscott


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