Taste of Ellsworth was a banquet

Congratulations and awe to The Heart of Ellsworth for bringing off Saturday’s second annual Taste of Ellsworth festival. A total home run.

The confluence of sunny weather, painstaking organization, team spirit and enduring good vibes from last year’s inaugural event served up a feast of food, high spirits and good company from mid-afternoon until dark. And the bands were outstanding.

While credit for the good weather goes to the Almighty, The Heart of Ellsworth and all who sail with her deserve praise for creating — and cultivating — what promises to become an annual blockbuster. And kudos to Machias Savings Bank and Wallace Events for sponsoring the whole shebang. Praise, too, to the restaurants, cafes, brew pubs and vendors that made a special effort to present their delectables. It all added up to something well beyond a “taste” of Ellsworth. More like a banquet.

The presence of Ellsworth officials, the city manager among them, imparted a message of buy-in that added to the stature of the celebration. Cara Romano, executive director of Heart of Ellsworth, and her willing volunteer corps, have added a jewel to Ellsworth’s crown.

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