Street of Dreams

In the Kevin Costner baseball movie “Field of Dreams,” the daydreaming corn farmer hears a voice assuring “If you build it, they will come.” His mystic mission: a world-class ball park in an Iowa cornfield. He built it and — spoiler alert — they came. Business people the world over use this optimistic philosophy to create the energy and vision to achieve previously unrealized success.

On Saturday, June 24, a vision became reality as the first Taste of Ellsworth created a nonstop evening of good cheer and good food on Franklin Street downtown. Numerous sponsors, led by Camden National Bank and Wallace Events, created an inviting picnic-style dining experience with eight local food providers featuring their specialties for the delighted guests. Over 250 people paid to dine with friends and neighbors, enjoying games and live music, while raising $4,500 for the Heart of Ellsworth group’s efforts to make downtown Ellsworth more appealing.

The weather could not have been a better partner: clear, warm and as summery as the atmosphere on a small-town street in Maine. Passing traffic had to think “What are we missing? It looked like too much fun!

Making a better mousetrap is always at the essence of a successful enterprise. Building on the overwhelmingly positive impact of this initial effort, we would encourage all Heart of Ellsworth participants to do as Mr. Costner’s character did — “mow the cornstalks.” Who knows? Maybe those tables will stretch into the City Hall parking lot. We congratulate the Heart of Ellsworth and the army of volunteers who had the vision and energy to bring off this wonderful event. We hope the Taste of Ellsworth will be a regular event that builds on itself while making downtown Ellsworth the destination location that its architecture, businesses and attractions warrant. A Street of Dreams indeed.

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