• Inadequate public notice

    Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection needs to develop some more suitable standards for providing adequate notice of meetings or other activities involving public participation. To announce a recent public meeting in Aurora, at which a significant change in the First Wind proposal for a new wind farm in Hancock County was to be considered, the

  • Congress and war

    Are circumstances in the Middle East better now than they were prior to our declaration of a “war on terror” and subsequent U.S. military invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan? Has the sacrifice made by thousands upon thousands of U.S. military personnel and their families, and the squandering of trillions of dollars that never were included

  • Another hit on ratepayers?

    The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. has submitted a proposal for the state to buy capacity on a planned pipeline expansion through Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. The company asked the Public Utilities Commission to decide by the end of November whether to charge Maine ratepayers a new fee to help pay for

  • Officer friendly?

    Increasingly, the behavior of police officers across the country is tarnishing the luster of the “Officer Friendly” image once so prevalent in small towns and cities from coast to coast. Recently in Missouri, citizens have been outraged when officers reacted with deadly force to threats seemingly calling for a more measured response. Elsewhere, there have

  • Where is the outrage?

    Day by day, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand why the global Muslim community does not unite with one voice to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the brutality of the self-annointed Islamic State (ISIS) against Christians, Yazidis and its fellow Muslims in Iraq and Syria. This barbaric group of terrorists resorts to all manner

  • Political endorsements

    In a commentary published in the Maine Sunday Telegram of Sept. 2, a former campaign aide to President Barack Obama asserted that the Maine newspaper’s decision to stop endorsing candidates for political office is nothing less than an abdication of the newspaper’s responsibility and a threat to democracy. Michael Cuzzi, who now manages the Portland

  • False promise

    Members of the Legislature’s Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs were to meet this week to consider a recently released study asserting that Maine can sustain one, and perhaps two, new casinos. That finding can’t be regarded as much of a surprise when one considers its source — WhiteSand Gaming, an international consulting firm that

  • The end of a newspaper

    From the day they started, more than 26 years ago, Nancy and Fred Hastings never failed to publish a weekly issue of the Downeast Coastal Press. That weekly publication, based in Cutler and serving coastal Washington County communities, will come to an end sometime before Thanksgiving when the final edition of the newspaper rolls off

  • Focus on the big picture

    Week after week, month after month, since 1992, the Concord Coalition, a nonpartisan group of concerned Americans, has continued to sound alarms about the nation’s constantly growing fiscal problems. The coalition has been forced into its bellwether role for one reason: the United States Congress has refused to address, in any meaningful way, the growth