• Maine hydropower

    For the first time since 1992, Maine now has an inventory of existing and potential hydropower resources. A study recently completed for the Governor’s Energy Office identified 110 sites at powered and non-powered dams with the potential for installation of 193 megawatts of additional capacity. Based on current market conditions, the study concluded that only

  • Where the money is

    Asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton, the prolific stick-up man of yesteryear, replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Ask employers where the greater part of their money is and they will reply, “Salaries.” And not just any salaries, but the salaries of full-time employees, whose compensation usually includes benefits — as it should.

  • A terrible precedent

    With the exception of one member, the Ellsworth City Council showed a disappointing lack of courage last week when it revisited, yet again, the recently enacted ordinance regulating the use of fireworks in the city. Just two weeks ago, the council enacted an ordinance under which the use of fireworks would be prohibited within that

  • To protect and to serve

    At a time when trust has broken down between police departments and the people they are charged with serving and protecting in communities across the country, Ellsworth Police Chief Chris Coleman and his 16-officer department offer a compelling and reassuring contrast. Coleman, a retired state police officer who took command of the Ellsworth department in

  • Reinventing schools

    “Think of our schools as a horse and buggy — it worked well in a different time, but times have changed. Educational needs have changed as much as transportation needs. Retrofitting a horse and buggy will not give us an airplane, and yet we seem to expect that reforms to our schools will meet our

  • Merry Christmas

    “This Christmas season, like all those that have preceded it, finds the world filled with human disaster — war, famine and pestilence prevail over vast reaches of the globe. The human spirit, in spite of it all, remains indomitable and irrepresible. Hope lingers, not withstanding the disappointments and discouragements that afflict mankind. “Each of us,

  • Welcome, Seaport Village

    Scores of Ellsworth area residents got an impressive eyeful Dec. 10 as the new Seaport Village Healthcare opened its doors to the public with an open house. The 63,600-square-foot facility, located next to the recently refurbished Moore Community Center, will have beds for 91 residents — 61 of them for nursing care and rehabilitation services

  • Bailing out the banks

    Operating under the philosophy that no profit ever is enough, the nation’s biggest banks want a engage in ever more risky fiscal games with a guarantee that American taxpayers once again will bail them out should they run into trouble. Thanks to a majority votes in the U.S. House and Senate and the cooperation of

  • Kudos to local hospitals

    Two of Hancock County’s hospitals are proving, day in and day out, that high quality medical care is not limited to the nation’s major medical centers. In separate evaluations, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth and Blue Hill Memorial Hospital have earned designations placing them in the top echelon of the nation’s hospitals. In November,

  • Leveling the playing field

    Since Maine’s wind energy act became law in 2008, the energy playing field has been tilted sharply in favor of wind developers and against the state’s citizens and the environment in which they live. Every effort to modify that law has been rebuffed by the Maine Legislature. Dan Remain of Cushing wants to do something