• Renewable hydropower

    Since Maine legislators gave fast track, favorable status to wind power development in 2009, Maine has suffered under that legislation. Despite the fact that the constant flow of water is one of the cleanest and most reliable sources of energy for electricity generation, under Maine law, hyrdopower facilities generating more than 100 megawatts of electricity

  • Take it slow

    The old caution, “Marry in haste, repent at leisure,” has applications beyond matrimony. The selection of a top manager for a leadership position, whether by a private corporation or a public body, is another of those commitments where haste often leads to woe. For this reason it is cause for concern that the Ellsworth School

  • Ideological purity

    Why do conservative Republican voters dominating some 50 congressional districts around the country seem bent on electing representatives to the U.S. House who are unwilling — or unable — to support measures that involve compromise even with members of their own party? Are those voters so wedded to right-wing ideology that they’re willing for their

  • Going too far

    A pair of Maine lawmakers apparently would like to enable all “law-abiding” Mainers to be armed with a concealed handgun and a switchblade knife as they go about their daily pursuits. Republican state Sen. Eric Brakey of Auburn is sponsoring a bill (LD 652) to allow Maine gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without

  • Farewell, Carle

    A good friend of The Ellsworth American left us last week, just days before his 95th birthday. Carle Gray, who made his home in Sullivan, was a certified public accountant who retired as senior partner of the Gray, Horton & McFarland accounting firm in 1986. He died on Feb. 20 at the Island Nursing Home

  • Taking a second look

    A newly constituted Maine Public Utilities Commission voted 2-1 last week to reopen the bidding process on a pair of long-term energy contracts previously approved by the commission. Even before that vote, Governor Paul LePage had come under fire from some quarters for advocating the reconsideration. The two contracts in question involve Emera Maine and

  • The Internet superhighway

    Ellsworth city councilors made a decision last week that could mean faster Internet service for businesses and residences along a two-mile stretch from Water Street to Commerce Park. The council voted unanimously to lease a small plot of land at the site of the old sewage treatment plant on Water Street for to the Ellsworth

  • Don’t shrink the Guard

    Under President Barack Obama’s budget proposal for 2016, our nation’s active U.S. Army would shrink from 390,000 to 375,000 men and women. At the same time, the Army National Guard would be reduced from 350,200 to 342,000. Brig. Gen. James D. Campbell, adjutant general of the Maine National Guard, believes — rightly, in our view

  • Charter school funding

    Maine’s Legislature would do well to enact legislation proposed by a pair of Hancock County legislators to shift the funding burden for charter school tuition from local property taxpayers to the state. Republican Sen. Brian Hubbell of Ellsworth and Democratic Rep. Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor are sponsoring LD 131, under which the state would

  • Maine hydropower

    For the first time since 1992, Maine now has an inventory of existing and potential hydropower resources. A study recently completed for the Governor’s Energy Office identified 110 sites at powered and non-powered dams with the potential for installation of 193 megawatts of additional capacity. Based on current market conditions, the study concluded that only