• Errant driving

    The recent headlines tell the story of increased levels of motorcycle crash deaths in Maine this year — exceeding last year’s total through the end of September with 20 deaths so far. This rise is reflective of increased automobile crash deaths over the past two years as well, after years of falling death levels across

  • Shining a light

    Maine has a relatively low number of murders each year compared to other states. On average, annually, about half of those cases involve a victim who knew his or her killer. Taken together, these statistics have sometimes resulted in a reassurance that someone in Maine is highly unlikely to be killed by a stranger. That

  • Something in the water in Bucksport

    When the Maine Seaboard Paper Co. opened its paper mill on the banks of the lower Penobscot River in 1930, Bucksport became a mill town that, at one point, would employ over 1,200 workers making coated magazine paper for the world. In December 2014, the then-named Verso paper mill closed. Five hundred and seventy jobs

  • An awesome Autumn Gold

    The board, members, volunteers and administrators of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce ought to be justly proud of last weekend’s Autumn Gold celebration. The genius of the event is the way it brings together all parts of Ellsworth: the Mill Mall to the north, Home Depot to the south, Harbor park to the west

  • Leveling the playing field

    Not all that long ago, the Amazon was just a river in South America. Today the word is more likely to conjure up an image of a cardboard box delivered by UPS than of a river running through a rainforest. Founded in 1994, Amazon.com is today the heavyweight of online retail shopping. It reported $136

  • Under the influence and undetected

    Maine voters have approved, by a narrow margin, the legal sale and personal consumption of marijuana — even if federal law has not. Communities all over Maine now are wrestling with moratoriums on the sale of marijuana in their towns. Their deliberations indicate how narrow that margin was. Clearly, many citizens feel the vote for

  • To buy or not to buy?

    The voters of RSU 24 — citizens of Eastbrook, Franklin, Gouldsboro, Mariaville, Sorrento, Sullivan, Waltham and Winter Harbor — are going to be tasked with deciding again in this fall’s general election whether they would like to buy the District Services Facility on Route 1 in Sullivan that currently is leased. Voters in last fall’s

  • A seat at the table

    When City Clerk Heidi Grindle eyed a sheet of paper with three names on it last week, it wasn’t a list of people asking for higher taxes or longer winters. It was a list of residents interested in running for one of six municipal offices that will need to be filled when city voters head

  • We need a healthy hospital

    Every community, every citizen wants great teachers and great nurses when they need them. Both professions are paramount to an educated, healthy, successful society. Both professions require training and additional education beyond the norm for peers who do not pursue these respected roles. Each profession requires patience plus a sense of inner self to help

  • Taxpayer support for business creation costs too much

    Ever since Edmund Muskie in the 1950s, Maine governors and legislators have been all too eager to use taxpayer funds to create incentives for new businesses in Maine. It’s a widespread idea, with virtually every state showering millions of dollars of business incentives to attract new jobs. But the evidence is mounting that the vast