Do your job, DEP

Dear Editor:

Every day since the overwhelming passage of Question 1, with CMP ignoring its outcome and continuing its cutting in the Upper Kennebec Valley, I send an email. That email is to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection asking to suspend all work on the corridor. I’ve never received a response back from them and the cutting continues at a vigorous pace. I hope someone at least looks at them.

Recently I shared one of those emails on social media, as I do here now as well. My intention is that someone reads the message and understands its intent.

“I realize you enjoy today off. As a retired veteran, I appreciate today being recognized. Companies owned by foreign interests apparently don’t care. The Jack pines are gone. Forward to Cold Stream. Please halt this destruction!

Today I could not participate in Veterans Day activities. To watch two foreign countries have more rights on Maine land than the citizens of Maine who live here just made me ill. Halt the corridor!”

This was written Nov. 11. It has now been two weeks since the election with no action taken by the DEP. CMP continues to cut a corridor directly to the public lands that’s been declared an invalid lease by the court, through an area Maine citizens clearly said will not be allowed. There is no longer any regard for mitigation just progress. So, I ask here, DEP, do your job!

Linda Dubois


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