Did your nest get filled this summer?

Dear Editor:

Did your nest get filled this summer, by the kids who moved away?

Did they stop those days of leisure, you thought were here to stay?

Did they make your trips to Tradewinds, where you’d fill a bag or two?

Turn into large safaris, for the new creatures in your zoo.


Did bedtime have no meaning, for the ones that did return?

Did they leave you with a yearning, for Shirley and Laverne?

Did they give you all their laundry, and said there was no rush,

I hoped they helped with dishes, and toilets they did flush.


Did they tell you when they came, how long their stay was for?

Did they beg and cry and ask you, just a few months more?

Well, it’s OK to sit and ponder, how long this can go on,

For you know you’ll need a tissue, the day that they are gone.


Rob Bauer

Blue Hill

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