Detective work needed on lobster licenses

Dear Editor:

After reading the article on lobstermen divided, I think Patrice McCarron missed something.

I would think the state would not only look at the waiting list people to see who is alive or dead (Have they been on this list that long?) or even pursuing the fishery anymore. While they are at it, they need to check the latent licenses for exactly the same things, including boat registrations, number of tags to said boat, the existence of said boat, pounds landed to said boat, etc. The list goes on.

If they are not fishing these licenses now with volume and prices up, they (the latent) are more than likely the people with a lack of interest.

If it is not greed and they are worried about the fishery dying out, why are there so many very expensive bigger boats being built? (Commercial Fisheries News , “New boats for 2015”)

Think of the jobs that are being lost to greed.

Whitey Carpenter

Bar Harbor

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