Dedicated and experienced

Dear Editor:

It has been truly an honor to represent you in the Legislature, both in the House and the Senate. My tenure in the Senate has ended due to term limits and due to redistricting you now are living in Senate District 7. Senate District 7 now includes the towns of Castine, Orland, Penobscot and Verona Island.

With all of these changes, it might leave you wondering who will represent your concerns in the Legislature. I would like to introduce to you Brian Langley from Ellsworth, who is running for the Senate and will be on your ballot in November. Brian and I served together both in the House of Representatives and the Senate. We worked together on many issues affecting the citizens of Hancock County. He and I closely aligned on many issues, and he is very responsive to his constituents.

Brian has a unique combination of experiences that combines nearly three decades in public education as a CTE instructor and administrator ant Hancock County Technical Center. Combined with over three decades in the private sector as the owner of the Union River Lobster Pot with 35 employees, Brian has the experience to make good public policy.

In Brian’s 10 years of serving in the Legislature, he served on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee for eight years and served as its chair for six years. He served two years on Taxation, four years on Marine Resources and two years on the Labor Commerce Research and Economic Development Committees. He understands the intersection of the private sector with the business sector and policy making. After terming out of the Legislature he was asked to be the executive director of Bridge Academy Maine. Since its inception, Bridge Academy has helped Maine students earn more than 10,000 college credits at greatly reduced or free tuition. Brian’s focus on workforce development is what Maine needs at this time.

I am excited that Brian is running, and I encourage you to vote for him in the November election. He is dedicated, experienced and committed to the citizens of Hancock County.

Sen. Kimberley Rosen


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