Crossing the line

Dear Editor:

The Beechland Road is done and it looks to be another fine job by R.F. Jodan & Sons. The painted lines, on the other hand, leave one wondering if the engineer of those lines ever got behind the wheel of an automobile. He/she couldn’t have ever approached that intersection attempting to turn onto the Bayside Road.

If you stop at the solid line before the Bayside Road, you can’t see traffic coming up or down the road, so you’re stuck with creeping out over the line to see if it’s safe to go. If you encounter a vehicle making a left-hand turn from the Bayside Road after crossing said line, you will most likely get some unwanted attention in the form of “ugly looks,” “names that might not be yours,” or that old classical “one-finger wave.”

I suggest either moving the line closer to the Bayside Road or the city stealing (eminent domain) — you know that fancy word for stealing property by the government. They always use fancy words when relieving you of your property, like the words “Tax” or “Fee” or “Permit.” It really means theft or stealing, but if called what it is all of us dumbed-down Americans might just catch on and rebel like the founders did, for a far lesser degree of theft.

I digress, more land from the Jordan family so as to clear off the trees or whatever blocking the view. I’m sure if more land was stolen (eminent domained) they wouldn’t mind, after all, if it’s in the best interest of the “city.” Who cares? Right.

I do and so should the rest of you; you might be next!

Richard Wayne Kane


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