Why we like Trump

President Trump has a long history of working the world round to develop and manage real estate. This has given him a unique and powerful perspective on the world’s people, on business, on government differences and on the nature of the world’s real problems. He has always been an achiever. Millions of people support him. Some reasons are:

  1. Trump is agenda driven. He plans his work and works his plans. He took the agenda from the Republican platform, then concentrated on executing it — doing exactly what he said he would do. Trump doesn’t get side tracked even with the media/Deep State continuously harassing him and attempting to oust him from office. He establishes goals and then follows through with focus and tenacity. His work ethic is unparalleled. From our domestic economy to national security and foreign relations, he has made enormous strides.
  2. Trump is an avid supporter of our Constitution as well as of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. He is a law and order president making sure the ideas in these documents are properly realized. He fully supports our police forces and our military which try to protect us by assuring laws and world agreements are enforced. He nominates judges who are constitutionalists and who decide cases strictly according to the law, not according to their personal feelings. He believes in what the Founding Fathers of this country were trying to achieve: freedom, liberty, opportunity and fairness for all, backed by personal responsibility. He refuses to join the liberal crusade to uproot these pillars of our society.
  3. Trump is passionate about America. His heart is fully in it. He believes America has been great and can be great again. He is America’s best cheerleader. His infectious enthusiasm for this country exists in stark contrast to the views of his predecessor, or to the views of his opponent in the 2016 election, who think America is responsible for much of what is wrong with the world. Trump puts America first. Foreigners applaud him for it. The Left’s labeling Trump a traitor is such nonsense.
  4. Mr. Trump understands business and economics probably better than any president we have ever had. He was schooled in these disciplines at the Wharton School and has practiced them all his life. When he reduced taxes for corporations and for the labor force, he knew it would boost the economy. When he scrapped dozens of unnecessary business regulations and opened up loan opportunities for small business, he knew it would be a boon to small business everywhere. Opening up the nation’s energy resources to provide inexpensive energy was a no-brainer. He knows the cost of energy must be kept as low as possible if we are to compete worldwide and have rising standards of living. Trump is trying to bring as much efficiency and productivity to government as is possible.
  5. Our President pushes back. Trump doesn’t take false narratives about his policies and the scores of lies or misinformation bites generated about him every week with a grain of salt. He doesn’t sit and let priority news go unreported by the mainstream media. He fights back by going around the media, or going directly to the people, getting out important truths as quickly as he can. He often does this with Twitter because other outlets are too slow or tend to distort messages. He understands how propaganda-oriented, unreliable and inaccurate the mainstream “news” has become.
  6. Trump is for capitalism and against socialism. He understands the great limits socialism places on the freedoms and liberties sought by our forefathers. He knows that big government with centralized control stymies innovation and development. He understands that free enterprise, with competition among businesses, among employees and among states results in better resource allocation across society and provides a much faster way to elevate standards of living and the general human condition. Prices and quantities of production must be determined with free markets, not central planning, to optimize consumption. This is axiomatic with Trump.
  7. The President is performance/merit-based in his approach to management. Trump does not dole out rewards to keep good will regardless of peoples’ performance. To obtain rewards you have to perform and perform well. He will be the first to compliment you for a job well done. He is not afraid to fire you if you don’t produce. He wants merit-based systems for screening applicants for admission to this country and for college admissions. Winning and succeeding require peak performance.
  8. Mr. Trump has a strong sense of fairness. He regularly emphasizes that Christians should have rights equal to Muslims, that blacks and whites should have equal rights, and that no one should be discriminated against because of their gender, national origin, age, race, color, social status, creed, ethnicity, religion, disability status and so on. Equal opportunity for one-and-all is deeply engrained in his psyche. He wants all groups to be fully employed and to enjoy the fruits of their labors. He doesn’t want illegals to have advantages over those who come to our country legally. Indeed, his extensive work on adjusting trade tariffs is based on his belief in fairness.
  9. The President is an outsider, not part of the corrupt Washington/big media establishment. He is not boxed in by Washington group-think. He does not feel constrained by antiquated norms and protocol within government. He is not beholden to special interest groups. Lobbyists can’t buy him off. He knows people “inside” don’t fight their own corruption when it keeps them in power.
  10. Trump handles adversity well. When he is blocked, he finds a way around and keeps on being productive — cases in point: the “border wall” and “lower court rulings against him.” He doesn’t get depressed, he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t get overly angry, he doesn’t get highly aggressive, he increases his assertiveness and finds new options. He can change direction rather easily and still wind up at his goal. Trump fails from time to time but he uses failure as a spring board to success. He uses an adaptive leadership style which he adjusts to the situation to minimize adversity.

Those who know Trump know he is not a reprobate, not a bigot, not a racist, not a bully, not a homophobe, not a misogynist, not a xenophobe, not a con artist, not a Nazi or a dictator, not a white supremacist and not illegitimate. These accusations which are in the liberal media nearly every day are the ultimate in absurdity. The media has painted a highly erroneous picture of Trump with its propaganda “news.” They take so much of what Trump says, or does, out of context to fabricate a negative picture. They constantly use unrepresentative samples of Trump behavior to create false generalizations — all with the intent of overthrowing the presidency. Volumes of exculpatory data on Trump are never acknowledged.

Phil Grant, PhD, Hon DBA is professor emeritus at Husson University. He is a long-time management consultant/researcher and author of 13 books plus 200 professional/academic articles. Grant is the founder of the Effort-Net Return theory of human motivation.

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