President Trump’s positive impact

By Phil Grant

Many of us want to sincerely thank President Donald Trump for his tireless efforts to make this a better country. Few presidents have been able to accomplish what Trump has in four short years. 

Trump is one of a kind. We could use a lot more of him and his outstanding leadership in the world of today. Unfortunately, the Democratic socialism movement in this country, the Chinese communists and, particularly, the left-wing media have merged to push him out. Millions of citizens still do not know about the scores of major Trump achievements because the media won’t tell them or won’t admit the achievements even occurred.

Trump has labored under continuous opposing forces trying to illegitimately oust him from office with false charges and made-up stories about his decisions and behaviors. He has kept fighting to do what is right for this country and to fulfill his promise to achieve the agenda he agreed to pursue before his election. He has had a remarkably successful run. 

The following are six of perhaps the most important accomplishments of President Trump: 

First, he has opened our eyes to the massive corruption in Washington and in the media. We have long known about corruption in politics, but it has taken Trump to make this crystal clear to most people in our society. When every single Democrat in the U.S. Senate votes to impeach our President without a single shred of evidence of Trump wrongdoing you know there is extreme corruption in Washington. 

Second, Trump developed, in three years, the finest economy the world has ever seen — the largest GDP, the lowest unemployment and the highest productivity. He got employment (jobs) up and wages up to levels never before seen in the United States. He was able to drastically reduce welfare and get Black and Hispanic employment to the highest rates ever. Trump has reversed the exodus of companies from our country by providing real motivation to them to stay here or to come back to America if they left earlier. Trump has reduced federal taxes for most Americans and cut the corporate tax rate to allow organizations in this country to effectively compete with their rivals in the rest of the world. Mr. Trump negotiated trade deals with countries around the world to yield equity in prices-quality and volumes of production thus allowing American companies to compete more fairly in global markets. And, Trump has decreased burdensome business regulations.

Third, President Trump has achieved remarkable progress in foreign relations and foreign affairs. He has restored our positive relations with Israel. He has achieved equity in how the North Atlantic Treaty countries fund their unified defensive military operations. He has negotiated successfully with North Korea to limit the likelihood of them launching missiles at the United States. President Trump has facilitated one of the largest peace treaties ever in the Mideast, with many Arab countries signing peace deals with Israel. He has reduced troop levels in Afghanistan. Perhaps above all, Trump was able to rid the world of much of the ISIS threat by moving ISIS out of Syria and containing ISIS operations to a much smaller space within Iraq. 

Fourth, the President has succeeded in making the United States an energy-independent nation, no longer relying on other countries to supply our oil and gas. He allowed the Keystone Pipeline to be completed. He has opened up areas for oil-gas fracking operations. He has permitted clean coal power production. And, he has simultaneously promoted alternatives to fossil fuel energy production such as wind, solar, water power, hydrogen and nuclear fission power generation. 

Fifth, Trump put together a fantastic team to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. He brought together private business, government and military people to formulate and execute strategies for combating the virus. He delegated to the individual states the responsibility of overseeing their own territories so plans could be somewhat tailored to the unique needs of each state. And perhaps most importantly, he forged a relation between private enterprise, the military and the government to develop a quality, safe vaccine (Operation Warp Speed) fast. 

Sixth, Mr. Trump has done much to improve the security of the United States. He has increased our military strength by adopting advanced technologies, redistributing our military forces to more strategic locations around the world, withdrawing our troops from lower priority regions of the globe and upgrading training for military people. In spite of Washington stonewalling, he has built hundreds of miles of high-tech border wall to aid our border security people in deterring illegal border crossings from Mexico to the United States. He has instituted numerous procedures to minimize the number and severity of ISIS attacks on our citizens at home and abroad.

Perhaps Mr. Trump will run for president again down the road. We can hope. 

Phil Grant, Ph.D., Hon. DBA is a longtime management professor and management/economics author. 

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