• Countering the flood of misinformation

    By Phil Neal To be fair, some Mainers will see temporary benefit to their tax burden with the recently passed tax bill. The major benefits, however, fall to the already wealthy with some to the rest of us who don’t itemize our tax return … if you itemize and you are not rich, you’ll be

  • A pre-emptive nuclear strike on North Korea?

    By Paul Averill Liebow, MD Last fall, Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) called for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on North Korea. Many still imagine one! The longer we can work behind the scenes, through economic pressure and diplomacy, the longer we can hope heroes buried deep in the governments of both North Korea and the United States

  • Rural mental health care must not be overlooked

    By Jordan Rasmussen The challenges that try rural communities in nearly all aspects of health care — greater travel distances, fewer providers, heightened health concerns, lower incomes — also stand in the way of the delivery of behavioral and mental health care services. While there is not a greater prevalence of mental illness among rural

  • Trump is getting it done despite the vitriol

    By Phil Grant Despite formidable, unprecedented forces from the Left against him, President Trump has been able to forge ahead with a number of major accomplishments that people who voted for him hoped he would be able to achieve. Even though, as part of the liberal media’s fake news campaign, these key accomplishments are largely

  • Susan Collins’ identity crisis

    By Roger Bowen Susan Collins was right to not endorse candidate Trump for the presidency; she was right to call for Trump to release his tax returns; she was right to vote against a GOP bill that would have repealed Obamacare; and she was right to threaten to vote against the Senate’s new “tax reform”

  • Heirloom sounds

    By Todd R. Nelson I miss the Cape Racer, even though I never got to ride on one. Unfortunately, they don’t make them anymore. It was a wooden ladder-like sled with metal runners that was used to haul smelt-fishing supplies — and, presumably, fish — on and off the frozen lakes. I thought of it

  • Letter from the editor

    Greetings! Each year at about this time, we give a State of the Letters Page address, variously commenting on the volume and tone of the year’s Letters to the Editor. We’re about to do it again but also — big bonus — we’re tossing in a few suggestions on how to make your letters really

  • National parks should be seen as economic engines for towns

    By Martha Searchfield People from around the world visit Downeast Maine each year along with its crown jewel destination, Acadia National Park. In fact, more than 3 million visitors each year come to Acadia, generating more than $270 million in local investment for our economy and being responsible for more than 4,000 jobs. Last week,