• The plot against America

    By Roger Bowen “Every day I ask myself the same question: How can this be happening in America? How can people like these be in charge of our country? If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’d think I was having a hallucination.” The words are those of Herman Roth, the father of

  • What are political parties good or? Plenty, actually

    By Lee H. Hamilton If you take a dim view of our political parties, you’re in sterling company. So did George Washington. In his Farewell Address, he warned us against “the baneful effects of the spirit of [political] party.” A political party, he wrote, “agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the

  • Card Enterprises built on hard work, commitment

    Many sensible folks look at the automobile business and think, “I can do that and make lots of money.” While that certainly can be true, not everyone has the business acumen, the personal backbone or the willingness to risk so much of their time, their own money and their supporters’ money, especially during a tumultuous

  • Might we hear what he has to say?

    In 1977, in my capacity as police reporter for The Berkshire Eagle, I covered a big murder trial. The Berkshire Eagle, still published in Pittsfield, Mass., focused on local news, much as we do at The American. As is so often the case with New England communities, many of the towns in Berkshire County had

  • Working in the interests of Maine

    By State Sen. Kim Rosen The Legislature reconvened for a special session to address outstanding work in June. While we weren’t able to wrap up as quickly as I had hoped due to disagreements in the House of Representatives, I am still pleased with some of the things we were able to accomplish. On Monday,

  • Funding plan needed for national parks maintenance backlog

    By State Sen. Brian Langley The 100th anniversary of the National Park Service has come and gone, but as we kick off the start of NPS’s second century, the need for Congress to work together to pass a funding mechanism to address the backlog of deferred maintenance at our parks becomes ever more critical. Like

  • Maine must take on 3D gun threat

    By Geoff Bickford The Maine Gun Safety Coalition commends Attorney General Janet Mills for joining with a group of 20 other state attorneys general in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, voicing their concerns about the State Department’s settlement with the Texas organization Defense Distributed that allows public

  • A view from the other side of the fence

    By Robert E. Heath The Ellsworth American is a paper I have enjoyed for many years now. We have property in Milbridge and when visiting this property, I always pick up an EA and read cover to cover. I particularly enjoy the picture/poem on the editorial page. The actual letters to the editor and the