• Velveteen fathers

    Velveteen fathers

    Our younger daughter, never a miracle of organization, was less than fastidious in her search for a swimming suit. She had upended a storage tote of summer clothes, books and old toys. On the floor lay scattered T-shirts, swimming goggles, a mummified towel, one flip-flop and one upside-down copy of “The Velveteen Rabbit.” It was

  • The voice of church

    By Todd R. Nelson Following Meghan Markle’s marriage to Harry Windsor, one commentator spoke about her experience being “taken to church” as she watched the service. I resonate to that feeling, and a certain arc of rhetoric that exceeded Saturday’s nuptials. In the hallowed hall of monarchy and patriarchy, the black American preacher said words

  • MRC’s mission has not changed

    By Chip Reeves When the Municipal Review Committee was formed in 1991, its mission was clear: to seek out affordable and environmentally sound ways for Maine communities to dispose of their solid waste for the long term. That same mission remains clear today. Our goal as a nonprofit representing 115 cities and towns in Maine

  • ARISE: Saving some, inspiring all

    By Fred Hastings ARISE held its monthly potluck supper on April 16 at Machias Christian Fellowship, the sponsoring church of the treatment program that has achieved noteworthy success in helping young people from Maine and the Northeast afflicted with drug addiction. While many drug and alcohol treatment programs are clinical-based, this one is strictly grassroots