• MRC’s mission has not changed

    By Chip Reeves When the Municipal Review Committee was formed in 1991, its mission was clear: to seek out affordable and environmentally sound ways for Maine communities to dispose of their solid waste for the long term. That same mission remains clear today. Our goal as a nonprofit representing 115 cities and towns in Maine

  • ARISE: Saving some, inspiring all

    By Fred Hastings ARISE held its monthly potluck supper on April 16 at Machias Christian Fellowship, the sponsoring church of the treatment program that has achieved noteworthy success in helping young people from Maine and the Northeast afflicted with drug addiction. While many drug and alcohol treatment programs are clinical-based, this one is strictly grassroots

  • I can only imagine

    By Bill Beardsley I can only imagine a 2018 world in which: The French and American presidents hug and kiss on TV like long-lost friends, only a day from the American and Japanese heads of state playing a friendly round of golf, and the American president meets with Germany’s chancellor, and chats on the phone

  • Protecting the Acadia experience

    By David MacDonald As community discussion has begun regarding last month’s release of Acadia National Park’s draft Transportation Plan, I am reminded of the balancing act we all seek in managing a national treasure that also happens to be our collective backyard. Sharing “our” park with millions of visitors each year is a mixed blessing.

  • Legislature must return to address critical issues

    By Sen. Kimberley Rosen Lawmakers may have left Augusta for now, but unfortunately, we left some very important work undone. The House of Representatives was unable to reach an agreement on extending the legislative session, and now we are awaiting word on whether we will be called back to address these matters. Failing to act

  • Lights out on liberty: The left’s war on free speech

    By Rep. Larry Lockman Freedom of speech took a beating at the Statehouse the week before last, to the applause of Democrat legislative leaders and a majority of the Maine House of Representatives. The Orwellian spectacle that unfolded on the floor of the House should dispel any lingering doubt that leftist politicians are hell-bent on

  • Touching the reality of immigration

    By Jory Squibb My wife and I wanted to do a hiking trip in western Ireland with our three children. But as an added activity, we wanted to make contact with her maternal relatives in Galway and Mayo counties. A local genealogy buff set us up with the exact rural areas for each grandparent’s homestead,

  • Garbage: A love story

    By Jim Schatz Part One Not too long ago you were burdened with the story of the rift between the Municipal Review Committee Inc. (MRC) and the Penobscot Energy Recovery Co. (PERC). These two entities worked together for 20 years to provide a destination for municipal waste that would incinerate the waste through a process

  • Tax conformity crucial for Maine’s small businesses

    By Sen. Kimberley Rosen The Maine Legislature is expected to adjourn in a few short weeks, but the March snowstorms put us somewhat behind schedule. There is a lot to be done and a short amount of time to do it in. We have some major bills before us that are still working through the