• The county budget

    With the Dec. 15 deadline looming for adoption of a budget for the new fiscal year starting Jan. 1, the Hancock County Commissioners find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place. As they wrestle with a proposed budget that calls for a county tax increase of 6.71 percent over the current budget year,

  • Unmasking a wolf in sheep’s clothing

    By Rep. Lawrence Lockman Political columnist Jill Goldthwait is shocked, just shocked, that I would call a candidate for public office an “anti-Christian bigot” and an “anti-American radical leftist punk.” My comments about Ben Chin, Democrat candidate for mayor of Lewiston, were “beyond the bounds of decency,” and contrary to the teachings of the Bible,

  • Chalk up Maine’s success to its immigrants

    By David Greenham In the wake of the world’s response to the tragedies in Paris and Beirut, our Governor has announced that he would oppose any efforts to bring Syrian refugees to Maine. While our history is crowded with efforts to limit groups of people from coming to the United States, there is little question

  • A slap in the face to Washington County

    By Sen. David C. Burns Recently, a prominent southern Maine newspaper published an offensive editorial attacking Washington County. Comparing Washington County to the Confederacy, the editorial tried to use one of the darkest times in our nation’s history to stir up emotions and encourage the expansion of medical welfare. What they did was simply wrong.

  • Power vs. authority

    By Roger Bowen Forbes has rated President Obama as the world’s third most powerful leader, behind Russian President Vladmir Putin at Number 1 and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at Number 2. I could not be more pleased that Obama lost out to Putin for reasons pointed out below, and I also have to wonder about

  • Not losing is a loser’s game

    By Earl Tilford The Obama administration’s weak and failing Middle East policy — the struggle against ISIS and the ultimate fate of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria — revolves around a non-strategy of avoiding a major foreign-policy debacle in the 15 months remaining before a new president takes office. But it’s too late. Russia

  • Installing your wood stove? There’s a right way to do it

    By Paul Carey It’s happened again! Days are getting shorter, nights longer and colder. Judging from the phone calls I receive daily, many people are surprised by this. Questions such as “Do you know where I can buy dry firewood?” and “I need a part for my woodstove (which was broken when I stopped using

  • Do mammograms save lives? Yes, but…

    By Nancy Greene The American Cancer Society (ACS) has come out with new mammogram guidelines. Now women can begin to have mammograms at 45 instead of 40. I have heard concern that this may be harmful to women. But mammograms have never “protected” or “prevented” women from getting breast cancer. They can only give an

  • Maine’s election future

    By Dennis S. Damon During the four terms I served in the Maine Senate, I became concerned that legislators were becoming increasingly unwilling to work cooperatively to advance necessary or good legislation. It seemed to me that special interests were having too much influence. Those special interest groups were not exclusively PACs or other big

  • Our cousin the apple

    By Todd R. Nelson The story of the apple is our story too. It is a fruit that depends on people for transit and ever westward dispersal — Vikings of the plant kingdom, leaving settlements and artifacts along the routes of exploration. The apple came originally from central Asia, Kazakhstan, hitching rides with travelers and

  • Left-wing carpetbaggers push welfare for politicians

    By Rep. Lawrence Lockman Coming soon from radio and TV outlets across the state of Maine: yet another aerial bombardment of campaign propaganda for yet another ballot initiative funded by wealthy out-of-state donors who think Maine people aren’t bright enough to manage our own affairs. Last year, it was anti-hunting zealots from away who wanted

  • The numbers don’t lie on gun control effectiveness

    By Hugh Curran Another mass shooting has taken place, this one in a quiet college town in Oregon. It is difficult to fathom these massacres and the psychology behind them, but whatever the reason Americans seem to become more and more numbed. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to comprehend the insistence of the gun