• Hurdles won’t stop seafood harvesters from fulfilling their mission

    By Michael Briggs One of the largest and most prestigious environmental watchdogs of aquaculture and wild fisheries in the United States is the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. This program researches and evaluates the environmental footprint of wild fisheries and aquaculture products. Seafood Watch recommendations are science-based, peer-reviewed and use ecosystem-based criteria. They define

  • Maine should reject a national park

    By Anne Mitchell When President Obama appointed Roxanne Quimby to the National Park Foundation Board of Directors in 2010, the NPF press release bio of Ms. Quimby included a reference to having “bought and conserved approximately 120,000 acres of wild lands in Maine at risk of or already damaged by logging for timber.” Her choice

  • Responsible management of the Bagaduce River

    By Tom Stewart On Jan. 24, a Maine daily newspaper ran an insightful piece addressing failed fisheries regulations and the uncertain future of depleted fisheries stocks. A major point of the commentary was that we need to take a more integrative approach to the management of our marine resources, one that respects the interdependency of

  • Going South

    Going South

    Leslie and I walk from our rented bungalow on Carpenter Street in Brunswick, Ga., as far as Egmont Street. The mid-March drizzle turns into a steady rain. Several “For Sale” signs mark Victorian era houses, some in San Francisco multi-colors: green dormer shingles, yellow trim, blue shingles, red front door. Camellias are blooming. Red bud and azaleas are beginning to show, and there are lots of other shrubs I can’t identify. The real estate agents listed on the “For Sale” signs are women, reminding me of the full-page real estate ads in the Golden Isles magazines showing columns of winking agents.

  • In defense of the Maine Lottery

    By Gregg Mineo The Maine State Lottery was enacted by the people of Maine in a statewide referendum in 1973. The Maine Lottery had its first drawing in June 1974 and is one of 45 state-run lotteries across the United States. Since its inception, the Maine Lottery has provided revenue to the state of Maine

  • Old school progress reports

    By Todd R. Nelson If you were a fourth-grader at the Eggertsville Elementary School in Eggertsville, N.Y., in the early 1940s, citizenship occupied fully half of the small blue report card that you took home to your parents at the end of each marking period — six times a year. Citizenship was complicated! It was

  • A community’s loss

    By Pat Perry The community of Gouldsboro lost a lot in recent days when we lost Bud Holland to cancer. Bud was the proprietor of Holland’s Garage in West Bay, the longtime social and blue-collar hub of our area. I remember vividly as a little boy, following closely on my father’s heels as we entered

  • Musings on St. Patrick’s Day

    Yes, it is almost that time of the year again, March 17, when anyone with a drop of Irish blood celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, there are 80 million people around the world who claim to be of Irish descent. How is it that a man who wasn’t even Irish himself is lauded worldwide with special food and drink, marching bands and parades?

  • Mismanaged measurements

    Since getting involved with advancing the science of performance econometrics, I have become a severe critic of government policy and practice in the economic arena — especially when it deviates from application of sound scientific and economic principle. Any good science requires quality measurement and quality communication of what that measurement means. On both these fronts, the government and big media are woefully underperforming.