• Bagaduce changes a cautionary tale

    By Bundy H. Boit The Bagaduce River, Downeast Maine’s most productive and diverse fishery, is about to be permanently altered to advance the economic interests of a single business, and for the state’s relentless pursuit of aquaculture. It is a cautionary tale for the entire coast of Maine. By next year, an oyster business will

  • And now a word from the Delphic Oracle

    It’s hard out there for an oracle, I’m tellin’ ya. There used to be a line of people out the temple door waiting to get the lowdown: wisdom, truth, insights, even the football spreads, however ambiguously they might be stated.

  • Partisanship over statesmanship for Collins

    By Hugh Bowden With what was probably the most disappointing performance of her long U.S. Senate career, Maine’s Susan Collins handed Donald Trump a big win on Oct. 6 when she voted to confirm the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. In doing so, Collins and her Republican

  • The troubling evolution of Susan Collins

    In an interview covering the Supreme Court confirmation process, Sen. [Susan] Collins recently referred to people calling her office with concerns over the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh and how he might rule in certain situations as “leftists.”

  • The plot against America

    By Roger Bowen “Every day I ask myself the same question: How can this be happening in America? How can people like these be in charge of our country? If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’d think I was having a hallucination.” The words are those of Herman Roth, the father of

  • What are political parties good or? Plenty, actually

    By Lee H. Hamilton If you take a dim view of our political parties, you’re in sterling company. So did George Washington. In his Farewell Address, he warned us against “the baneful effects of the spirit of [political] party.” A political party, he wrote, “agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the

  • Card Enterprises built on hard work, commitment

    Many sensible folks look at the automobile business and think, “I can do that and make lots of money.” While that certainly can be true, not everyone has the business acumen, the personal backbone or the willingness to risk so much of their time, their own money and their supporters’ money, especially during a tumultuous