• Could BIW lead in climate solutions?

    By Russell Wray and Robert Shetterly With the looming threat of climate change and the resulting chaos and conflict it will bring increasingly to this planet, isn’t it long past time that we began making changes in our society so we can better deal with what’s being called the Mother of All Risks? We have

  • Mainers deserve facts, not fear, on NECEC project

    By Governor Janet Mills You know I always expected, and welcomed, a robust discussion regarding the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) project, a discussion that should be based on facts, not speculation and fear. You may have seen the campaign on Facebook and TV funded by someone who refuses to be identified. Maybe it

  • Orwellian spectacle overshadows immigration debate

    By Rep. Lawrence Lockman Maine people were given yet another lesson the week before last in what sort of thinking our home-grown Thought Police will tolerate on the subject of immigration. Here’s the lesson in a nutshell: under no circumstances will Big Brother and his minions permit anyone to connect the dots between the reality

  • Mills is wrong to try to eco-balance

    By Jonathan Carter What a total disappointment that the Mills administration has opted to follow the same old model of compromising the health of Maine’s environment away. This is called eco-balancing and it employs the notion that CMP’s offer to provide $248 million over 40 years will provide a benefit that is equal to or

  • Democratic socialism or social democracy?

    The entry of Bernie Sanders into the race to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, plus the media’s love affair with the youngest member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are reason enough to examine their professed ideology — democratic socialism.

  • World peace through inner peace

    By Justin Benjamin Pollard   The failure of the United States and North Korea to reach an agreement at the Hanoi summit has made many concerned that we could soon be again facing increasing tension in East Asia. Recent skirmishes between India and Pakistan remind us of the terrifying risks of escalation when nuclear-armed powers

  • Writing is a bear

    …as discussed in a writing class after an example by John McPhee.   By Todd R. Nelson You see, even if you don’t like to write you have a handy topic: writer’s block itself. You could start out with a letter, like John McPhee advises.* “Dear Mr. Nelson,” you might say, “I do not like