• The sounds of summer

    By Todd R. Nelson   “That is such a summer sound,” said my daughter Ariel. She was helping me hang the wooden screen door on the front of the house, so she had the privilege of letting it slam for the first time. The hinges creaked, the door swished toward the house and wood met

  • Waiting for the punchline to Trump fan piece

    By Jim Sack When I read the recent commentary by Phil Grant [“Why do we like Trump? Here’s why,” June 6], I admit that I found myself looking ahead to the place in his writing where he would say he was kidding, or even “April Fool.” It never happened and that puzzled me. A man

  • Mainers want to be heard on CMP corridor project

    By Nicole Grohoski This spring, as the proposed CMP corridor has gained more public attention, I have heard from many of my constituents who have concerns about this project. People want to know how the environment will be affected. They want to know if there will be real, worthwhile economic and climate change mitigation benefits.

  • Trump’s “I don’t do cover-ups”claim is laughable

    “I don’t do cover-ups,” President Trump boasted in the Rose Garden on May 22 after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asserted that Trump is guilty of cover-ups. Who are you going to believe, the President or the House speaker? Lies are cover-ups because they purposely hide the truth. Fact-checkers show Trump has lied or made false

  • Why we like Trump

    President Trump has a long history of working the world round to develop and manage real estate. This has given him a unique and powerful perspective on the world’s people, on business, on government differences and on the nature of the world’s real problems. He has always been an achiever. Millions of people support him.

  • Until we meet again

    By Stephen Fay This is goodbye. After 23 years and 1,196 editions of The Ellsworth American, I am shrugging off the ermine robe to marinate in unstructured time, sloth and gratitude. Gratitude for a long career. Starting out in 1974 as a bureau reporter in Western Massachusetts, I have had the privilege to wander, often

  • Honoring America’s fallen service members

    By Sen. Angus King On a hot July day in 1863, the soldiers of the 20th Maine Volunteer Regiment stood atop Little Round Top in Gettysburg, Pa., faced with sharp cannonade and vigorous infantry assault. As the day grew long, their ammunition dwindled, but under the leadership of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, they mustered the courage

  • Integrity of presidential elections under attack

    By Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham The nationwide “National Popular Vote” movement is a knee-jerk reaction to the 2016 election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. It is being pushed in Maine as LD 816, “An Act To Implement the National Popular Vote for President of the United States.” LD 816 proposes to adopt an interstate

  • Saber-rattling over Iran

    By Tom H. Hastings Trump is blustering at Iran and to the world that we might just need to crush that pipsqueak terror country. Um … it took nine years to invade, occupy and finally limp out of Iraq, 288,000 Iraqi and American deaths later. Iraq is a third the population of Iran. War there

  • Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

    By Todd R. Nelson The final line of James Comey’s recent op-ed in The New York Times made clear that we are living in a rhetorical realm in which only the big guns of the literary canon will suffice for perspective. In “How Trump co-opts leaders like Bill Barr,” the former director of the FBI

  • The next step in our democracy

    By Roger Bowen For the better part of the last decade a plurality of voters nationally, over 40 percent, have self-identified as non-aligned voters — independents. Maine’s voting public reflects a similar trend, yet only the two major political parties — Republicans and Democrats — are able to nominate candidates for office. LD 211, “An