• Commentary: Making America “godly” again

    By Hugh Bowden An unsolicited handout appeared in my mailbox this week. The two-sided political message featured Republican legislative candidate John Linnehan sporting a red jersey bearing the words “MAKE AMERICA GODLY AGAIN.” It doesn’t take much pondering to realize it’s a deliberate takeoff on the MAGA movement spawned by you-know-who that has so easily

  • Commentary: Common sense wisdom in our state senators

    By Betsy and Bill Beardsley For decades Hancock County has elected state senators who have represented the entire county from our dozen or so upriver unorganized townships to our dozen or so offshore islands and all in between, subject to periodic redistricting. Historically, we haven’t cared if our senator is Democrat, Republican or independent because,

  • Commentary: With extinction looming, all must act to save whales

    By Russell Wray The commentary “Entanglement blame game good for wallets, not for whales” [Aug. 25] states that it is in response to “misleading and false information.” Ironically, the commentary has a measure of its own misinformation. It would have us believe that “only two whales have ever been seen in Maine lobster gear” and

  • Commentary: No more NATO expansion

    By Hank Davis What role did NATO expansion play in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Did Putin use it merely as a pretext and distraction as is widely claimed? Or did NATO expansion toward Russia’s borders actually precipitate the invasion? The question is not just academic. If NATO enlargement did prompt the invasion, if the invasion

  • Commentary: Where are the volunteers?

    Commentary: Where are the volunteers?

    By Gretchen Wilson Volunteers, where are they? Board members, service clubs like Rotary and Lions, committee members and even community elected officials like selectmen, council members or library trustees have all seen a decline in interest over the last several years. Even pre-pandemic volunteering and membership had dropped over 25 percent or more in most

  • Commentary: Another part of Bill’s story

    By Fred Ketchum Ten days before Bill Raiten died, I brought to him, at his request, a Bill Raiten ice cream sundae from Pugnuts, a splendid ice cream parlor in Surry, courtesy of Eric, one of the owners. Bill met me on the porch, relaxed and good-natured, gladly accepting the sundae and digging right in,

  • Commentary: The dark side of education

    Commentary: The dark side of education

    By Christian Koelbl By now your readers have started to see educators going into schools starting to get ready. That’s nothing new, but do your readers know none of them are getting paid a dime for their time. You might ask, “Well, why would they do that?” Well, when your employer doesn’t provide you with

  • Commentary: Supreme Court’s naked power grab

    Commentary: Supreme Court’s naked power grab

    By Roger Bowen The U.S. Supreme Court’s unpopular decision overruling Roe v. Wade represents a teachable moment because it helps illustrate what German sociologist Max Weber wrote about the difference between power and authority. Power, Weber said, is the certainty that a particular order will be obeyed. Authority, on the other hand, is the probability

  • Commentary: Keep calm and carry on like Gramma Evelyn

    Commentary: Keep calm and carry on like Gramma Evelyn

    By Todd R. Nelson Exasperation over recent events summons fond memories of my wife’s Gramma Evelyn — and inspiration. She knew how to handle despair. It’s often the simplest responses, found in the examples of our elders, that prove restorative and energizing. Some of them have been here before, over and over. Ask a grandparent

  • Commentary: Family, guns and fear

    By Peter Sly We want to keep our families safe. That is a core value for all of us. We sharply differ about the effects of widespread gun ownership on family and community safety. Some fear that Maine families will be at risk unless they can protect themselves with guns if need be. Others fear