• Gun mania in America

    By Hugh Bowden Just days ago, back-to-back shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, left 31 dead and 50 or more people wounded. President Donald Trump and many of his fellow Republicans sought to blame anything and everything except unrestrained access to the weapons used in committing such violence to other human beings. As

  • Time to get local about marine climate change

    By Parker Gassett On Aug. 22, the first ever Northeast Shell Day has been planned as a single-day monitoring blitz aimed to create a snapshot of coastal marine conditions. The project strives to support a network approach generating science that can lead to improving local and state decision making that addresses ocean and coastal acidification.

  • Thoughts from the trap pile

    By Pat Perry If you’re a fisherman, at some point you spend time going over your gear, ensuring it is ready to fish when needed. If you are a seasonal fisherman, as I am, that time is often during the first few sunny, warm days of spring. This past spring was challenging for a lot

  • Pro-growth Trump?

    Phil Grant’s gushing — and disturbing — praise of Donald Trump’s “pro-growth economic” policies (“Why growth in GDP? It’s President Trump’s policies, July 25) focuses primarily on the gross domestic product (GDP). He contends that these policies have led to a rejuvenated economy, unlike those of his bête noire, President Obama. Cited are the Dec.

  • A tribute to “Coach”

    By Buddy Wood Playing high school sports is one of the biggest thrills and learning experiences any teenage athlete can enjoy during his or her lifetime. Wearing the school colors, emblazoned with the school’s mascot into battle against rival schools evokes feelings that are hard to duplicate in any other setting. The excitement generated via

  • Who belongs here?

    By Todd R. Nelson   It’s a commonplace statement: “We are a nation of immigrants,” each with a family story arc originating elsewhere. Many are several generations away from their actual immigrant experience; some of us new arrivals. We forget how to embrace the strength in that history. After all, just what is an American?

  • Why such growth in GDP?

    Obama said it was impossible. But that was under Obama economic policies. With Trump as president we have a whole new set of pro-growth economic policies. The socialist-leaning Obama was simply accelerating federal debt increase by pumping money into the economy adding, by far, the most to federal debt we have ever seen during one

  • Under Trump, it’s RIP for the GOP

    America’s first Republican president said it best. A nation divided against itself cannot stand. For that matter, neither can Lincoln’s badly divided party.   On the one side of the GOP are traditional conservatives who believe that the Trump presidency is a disaster. Real conservatives care about pragmatism, the character of political leaders, the rule

  • A time to champion climate science

    By Tony Ferrara and Rob Shetterly   For many years Americans have allowed the health of our air, water and land to be compromised for the supposed good of jobs and corporate profit. Even when Rachel Carson demonstrated in the 1960s that agricultural pesticides endangered the existence of many bird species, people did not get fully

  • A new normal for Portland?

    By Jonette Christian Asylum applicants are pouring into Portland. Traveling through Africa and South America, they bypass safe countries, like Panama and Costa Rica, heading for Portland. Why Portland? Portland has a unique program for asylum seekers, providing rental payments to landlords, legal aid etc., described by The New York Times as “the only fund

  • Open Door has been a labor of love

    By Barbara Royal I believe love, compassion and truth provide the best opportunity for healing all wounds. Open Door Recovery Center’s mission never excluded anyone from receiving services, regardless of their ability to pay. Since Bill Hills founded Open Door in 1984, we have given hundreds of thousands worth of services to those with no