Commentary: When are they going to fix my road?

By Sen. Kimberley Rosen

Anyone who has served in the state legislature since automobiles became, as young people say today, “a thing,” has been asked more times than they can remember when the state is going to fix this road or that one.

Well, as it turns out, the Maine Department of Transportation not only does a great job of plowing snow, repairing roads, and maintaining bridges, they are also expert planners. The “Three Year Plan” developed by MDOT staff is a comprehensive look at which road projects have been prioritized to be completed in the next 36 months.

The plan shows the region, town, description and cost of each planned project. To see a list of the projects in the latest 3-year plan in PDF or Excel form, you can go to the MDOT Work Plan webpage at

You can also go to: to use an Interactive Work Plan to search by town for more details.

Each of these pages has a link to an interactive statewide map that you can use to learn more about the plans for Maine’s roads and bridges.

Senate District 8 includes Bradley, Brewer, Bucksport, Burlington, Castine, Clifton, Dedham, East Central Penobscot Unorganized Territory, Eddington, Great Pond, Holden, Lincoln, Lowell, Northwest Hancock Unorganized Territory, T32 MD Township, Orland, Orrington, Penobscot, Verona Island, and part of East Hancock Unorganized Territory. You can see the MDOT work plan for these towns at this web address:

As most Mainers know, warmer spring temperatures mean the frost beneath the roads will be melting, but not uniformly under every road. This means there will be bumps, divots, and potholes that you haven’t seen before.

Be careful to watch for the old-fashioned Maine “frost heave” when you drive and if you use or have a project that needs heavy trucks or equipment, remember that many roads will be posted against heavy loads until the thaw has left and the road has settled evenly back into place.

And as always, please drive safely!

Republican Sen. Kimberley Rosen of Bucksport represents District 8 in the Maine State Senate.

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