• The world is with us

    The Ebola crisis has become a textbook illustration of a defining characteristic of our time — the globalization of nearly everything. A couple of centuries ago, an event like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa would have been a news story in Europe and North America, but little more than that. It would have been

  • Who do we want to send to Augusta?

    Finally, debates. What was all the fuss about? The three gubernatorial candidates performed as expected. Maybe better. So are we disappointed? Just a touch. Debates are not unlike hockey; we go for the game but we are secretly hoping for a fight. So far the debates have been civil. There was not much new from

  • Out-of-sight, out-of-mind epidemic

    No known cure. Those three words have rattled human history for centuries, long before the 14th century’s so-called “Black Death” bubonic plague, which killed an estimated 25 million Europeans — about half of that region’s population at the time. With the emergence of Ebola virus, those three words are in the forefront again. While bubonic

  • Candidate cabinets on everyone’s minds

    Five weeks away from Election Day, the decibel level is going up, but there are still many undecided voters. Governor Paul LePage and Congressman Mike Michaud are joined at the hip, poll-wise, each with about a third of voters polled in their camps. Eliot Cutler is showing movement, chipping into the undecided voters and lifting

  • All politics, all the time

    Maine’s three gubernatorial candidates were together at last, but briefly. An energy forum planned for the University of Southern Maine campus came off the rails when Governor Paul LePage, discovering the presence of his opponents, never got farther than the parking lot. He was promised a forum for his energy policies, not a gabfest with

  • A pox on both parties’ houses

    He’s got wrinkles, droopy eyes and a worried look. She looks grim. Maybe mad. His arm is around her shoulder protectively. They are supposed to represent Maine seniors, and Mike Michaud is out to ruin them. We did not quite make it to Labor Day before that first cheesy negative election ad arrived in our