• Maine’s dark side can trigger depression

    It seems those of us who live at or above 44 degrees latitude are destined to “come to the dark side” between now and early spring. Between the recent “fall back, spring forward” exercise in resetting the clocks and the ongoing run up to the Dec. 21 winter solstice, we are quickly reaching the point

  • Untying the Iranian nuclear knot

    It is a truism of American politics that a President in the last two years of his term will tend to focus on foreign policy — particularly if the last congressional elections have gone against him (as they usually do). President Obama is no exception. In the wake of the electoral drubbing his party suffered

  • The global myth of limitless water

    NASA may have put manned exploration of outer space on its budgetary back burner, but the National Aeronautics and Space Administration remains well-immersed in exploring inner space. NASA is now mother-henning 19 major spacecraft missions that are under way. While some of these spacecraft are studying the atmospheres, typographies and magnetic fields of distant planets,

  • The American century

    Economics is the foundation for national power. The relative ascendance in international affairs that Americans have become used to will continue into this century if — and only if — the U.S. economy can support it. The shaping of the modern American economy began with the industrial revolution of the post-Civil War decades. Theodore Roosevelt

  • It’s no wonder Santa is fat

    Should the upcoming holiday season find you playing Santa for kids or grandkids, you might keep in mind the ongoing epidemic of childhood obesity and consider buying gifts that require kids to get off the couch and to put down their “devices.” Statistics crunched by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show

  • Half of Maine students left in dust

    Just days before the election, it’s anybody’s bet. Most of us are not statisticians. In fact, according to the recently released 2014 Education Indicators report from Educate Maine, a high school diploma or even a college degree is no indication that we can do the math. Maine has an 86 percent high school graduation rate,