• Democracy: America’s purpose

    History may record that the first few months of the Biden administration marked a key moment in world history — one comparable to, but different from, the early months of the Truman administration. Truman and the remarkable group of senior officials around him crafted a strategic response to Stalin’s campaign to subjugate Europe and Asia.

  • A new Cold War?

    President Biden has been in Europe for his first foreign trip since taking office. He arrived with an ambitious, even daunting, agenda. That to-do-list has at least three parts. First, rebuild America’s damaged relationship with key allies and partners, including the G-7, NATO and the European Union. Second, achieve a working consensus with Europe and

  • South Korea on stage

    By Marvin Ott Last week, President Biden met with South Korea’s President Moon — only his second in-person summit with a foreign leader. Inevitably, the lead item on the agenda was the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear/missile programs. No one wanted to say it outright, but the prospect of any progress on North Korea

  • “A terrible awakening”

    It has been 73 years since the British mandate for Palestine ended and the new state of Israel was born in an armed conflict that uprooted and displaced much of the long-established Palestinian population. Two subsequent wars brought further population displacement and the extension of Israeli occupation and control over east Jerusalem, the West Bank