• Collins and LePage: Two divergent public servants

    The latest “repeal and replace” Republican health care proposal will either bring $40 million to Maine, or it won’t. The country breathlessly awaits the verdict of Maine Sen. Susan Collins. She’s leaning “no.” Sen. Collins is the real deal. While many less fortunate states listen to their senators spout political platitudes about making health care

  • The Vietnam War: A hard legacy

    The Vietnam War was a watershed event in U.S. history; one that reverberates powerfully down to the present. We have been vividly reintroduced to that awful epic struggle by the public television documentary — at once riveting and repellant — that has been playing over recent days. A friend who, like me, came of age

  • Climate insecurity

    The term “national security” has long had a pretty settled meaning — defense against threats to the safety, prosperity and institutions of the United States. The government entities that have this responsibility are familiar, notably the armed forces, the intelligence agencies and domestic law enforcement. Their collective mission is to identify, assess and react to

  • A special session to tidy up could get messy

    “Dear Legislators: Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here. Love, Governor LePage.” Okay, he didn’t put it quite like that, but the Governor is calling the Legislature into special session “before November.” The Governor says two problems have come up that cannot wait until January when the Legislature reconvenes. One has to do with

  • Afghanistan again

    Last week Donald Trump gave his first serious address to the nation as President. The subject was Afghanistan and he stuck to his script — none of the bombast, braggadocio and falsehoods that have characterized his political pronouncements. The speech was important because it brought some clarity to U.S. strategy in what has become this