• The American century: a requiem

    America’s “greatest generation” is justly celebrated for overcoming the Great Depression at home and the mortal threat posed by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan overseas. In many respects, the postwar generation of the 1950s and 1960s built a legacy that was equally consequential. At the conclusion of World War II, Europe and Asia lay in

  • Senate race sinks deeper into the muck

    Debate No. 2 for Maine’s U.S. Senate seat is a wrap, leaving the standing of the four candidates much as the first debate did. Sen. Susan Collins had recovered her equanimity, coming on a little more relaxed, a little less brittle. Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon remained in good command of the policy issues, avoiding

  • Assassinating democracy

    President Obama gave an eloquent appeal at the recent Democratic Party convention calling upon citizens to protect “your democracy.” To see what is at stake, we need only look at events over the last few days in Belarus and Russia. Belarus seldom headlines the news. It is a medium-sized country sandwiched between Russia and Europe.

  • Husbandgate beneath the dignity of both Senate candidates

    The U.S. senators representing the state of Maine have been a distinguished bunch. Many have had outsized impact given the relative lack of political influence of their home state. Margaret Chase Smith was perhaps the most emblematic with her “Declaration of Conscience,” but through the last decades Maine has been served by senators nationally recognized

  • Taiwan: the next crisis

    National security planners in the Pentagon and elsewhere get paid to look ahead. What threats and challenges will the United States face in the years ahead that require serious preparations now and in the near term? There is a list, and at the top of that list is a place few Americans even think about

  • We need more female leaders

    Mount Desert Island Hospital is holding its annual meeting next week. There are sure to be the usual reports, updates and expressions of pride in a competent staff, but MDIH has something special to celebrate this year. Chief Operating Officer Chrissi Maguire is taking the reins as CEO from retiring president Art Blank and Patricia

  • The Pacific War: a legacy

    Aug. 15 is the 75th anniversary of one of history’s seminal events — the unconditional surrender of Japan and with it the end of World War II. That war was a cataclysm that produced seismic changes on a planetary scale, nowhere more than in the Pacific. The conquest of East Asia by Imperial Japan lasted