• Putin meets Xi

    Last week, Vladimir Putin visited Samarkand in central Asia to attend a diplomatic summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), comprising four countries from central Asia plus China, Russia, Pakistan and India. This was no small thing. It was Putin’s only trip outside Russia since the pandemic took hold — with the exception of a

  • “A miracle”

    Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, died a few days ago. George Kennan, the iconic Sovietologist, ambassador and architect of America’s successful Cold War containment strategy, described Gorbachev as a “miracle.” He was every bit of that. Gorbachev was born and educated in Stalin’s USSR, a totalitarian police state ruled by a

  • New candidates enter the field

    By Jill Goldthwait The slate of legislative candidates for the November election has undergone the customary post-primary reshuffling. All candidates who prevailed or were unopposed in the primary election had until July 25 to reconsider and withdraw from the ballot. Sixteen Democrats withdrew. There are replacement candidates for all but four seats. Nine Republicans withdrew;

  • Intelligence: success and failure

    Intelligence: success and failure

    In an increasingly complicated and dangerous world, the work of U.S. intelligence agencies has never been more vital and more difficult. As it acts on the international scene, the U.S. government obtains information and analysis from myriad sources, including foreign service officers, journalists and other governments. Most of this involves information from public sources. In

  • New movement enters the complicated party landscape

    “Not left. Not right. Forward.” And so, a new political party is launched in our country with three priorities: free people, thriving communities and vibrant democracy. The party has an ambitious premise: “Reinventing what a political party should be.” The principals are New Jersey’s former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman, former Democratic candidate for president