Collins lacks backbone

Dear Editor:

I don’t trust the ads, so I read Susan Collins’ website, where she claims to be a “proven leader.” A leader, of course, would tell us where she stands on the most important issue of the election. Most people for and against Trump would agree that Trump himself is the most important issue. In fact, the Republicans didn’t even adopt a new platform this year, choosing instead to back whatever Trump wants. Nonetheless, Collins is afraid to say where she stands.

Collins highlights her membership on the Senate Intelligence Committee, but has she learned anything there? Over 70 former Republican national security officials signed an ad endorsing Biden and proclaiming Trump “dangerously unfit to serve a second term.” How can a “proven leader” avoid taking a position on his fitness to serve a second term?

She brags about her bipartisanship, but she votes with Trump most of the time, most memorably for unqualified judges (against the recommendations of the American Bar Association) and personally vouched for Jeff Sessions (before he put children in cages) and Brett Kavanaugh (before he voted to defy precedent and curtail a woman’s right to control her own body). Maine needs a senator with guts who will stand up to whomever is elected president. Collins doesn’t have the backbone.

George C. Schelling


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