CMP needs fixing

Dear Editor:

It’s hard to turn on the TV and not see an ad from CMP misstating the facts of its corridor project.

Question 1 does not give more power to politicians; it gives the people of Maine the power to stop this assault on their lands. CMP is trying to take your choice away from you first through the illegal backroom deal with former Governor LePage and now with misleading and deceitful information in its campaign to defeat Question 1.

The CMP corridor’s redistribution of existing power will not help solve climate change; only generating new climate-friendly electricity will. CMP and Hydro-Quebec benefit. Maine does not. Except for the $200 million bribe offered by CMP, Maine gains nothing.

Much needs to be fixed at CMP. Just listen during the next power outage to the hum of gasoline-powered whole-home generators (costing you near $10,000 and filling the air with greenhouse gases) and know fixing CMP’s worst-in-the-nation reliability will do more to address climate change than anything else CMP could do.

Jon Albrecht


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