Clearing the air on postal pain

Dear Editor:

I wish to thank Mr. George Fuller for his recent letter pointing out that my lack of education in regard to postal policies is the root cause of my irritation when envelopes addressed exactly the same way for many, many years were suddenly returned to me as “undeliverable.” (No, George, there was no “mail to” address — I had to call for the box number and use another stamp.)

How were they delivered in the past with “no receptacle”? I assume someone in the post office sorted the mail and tossed it into the correct box. Alternatively, the delivery person may have parked the ubiquitous Jeep at the curb, exited the vehicle, walked to the door…

Mr. Fuller is incorrect in stating that I “bashed my local post office.” Had he made the effort, he would have noted that my local post office is on Swan’s Island. The mail personnel here are very professional, efficient and, above all, accommodating. I couldn’t ask for better service.

Mr. Fuller, with his expertise, may be able to explain to me the recent decision by the Southwest Harbor postmistress to change the mail delivery system to Swan’s Island and Frenchboro. By not renewing the contract held by Mr. L.J. Hopkins for many, many years (reportedly because he carried other freight and medicines in the same van), we now have a separate vehicle taking up space on a limited capacity ferry each day. Frenchboro now receives mail only two days a week. The contractor who previously took the mail from Swan’s Island to Frenchboro was told he would have to take the mail only across to Frenchboro, then turn around and make another trip with freight, medicine, groceries, etc. Imagine that in winter or a gale of wind!

I confess my ignorance in understanding the workings of the Southwest Harbor post office. If Mr. Fuller wishes to send me a note of explanation, an address of “Swan’s Island” will be sufficient. The folks here know how to deliver the mail.

Albert Buswell

Swan’s Island


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