Class act will be missed

Dear Editor:

On behalf of my wife, myself and my family we are sorry to hear that Finn’s is closed. Clearly in our mind it was an institution, a major piece of Ellsworth’s restaurant community. The wait staff was great, the bartenders were top-shelf and the kitchen staff did a fantastic job.

I find it so frustrating for businesses that have been put in a heck of financial bind — no fault of their own. COVID turned the trade upside down — first the closures for a period of weeks, then the 6-foot distancing each, resulting in no or less business while fixed costs remained fairly constant. Right behind that was spiraling food costs, supply shortages and a tough labor market — clearly a tough market to simply break even, let alone show a profit.

We would like to thank Lorena and her husband for a class act! You will be sorely missed.

Benjie Grant


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