Change is good

Dear Editor:

It is definitely time for a change in the Hancock County and Washington County District Attorney Offices. Matt Foster is the candidate to vote for. His platform supports my decision to endorse him. We need a district attorney and his staff who will meet regularly with law enforcement agencies, bail commissioners, court administrators and the jail administrators to  maintain “open lines of communication,” efficiency and professionalism between all of these agencies.

A deputy district attorney should also be selected by our newly elected district attorney to assist with the operation of the three district attorney offices (Ellsworth/Machias/Calais) so there is consistent communication and interaction between these offices on a regular basis.

Although I have only listed a few, these are major platform issues of Matt Foster’s campaign. Matt served in the U.S. Army with an honorable discharge and received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration before going on to law school. These additional attributes, coupled with his experience in the legal field, make him the most qualified to be our next district  attorney.

Change is good. Get out and vote on Nov. 4. Let’s elect the right candidate for Hancock and Washington County District Attorney: Matt Foster!

Judie Dannenberg