A brief history of streaking

Dear Editor:

Back on the early ’70s, toward the end of “Tricky Dick’s” reign, a fad evolved. Most of us who survived that time will remember the term “streaking.” Actually it started out as a political statement of sorts; “streaking for impeachment” was the catch line. Most of us hippies and free lovers had gotten tired of Nixon’s line “I’m not a crook” he said with a shake of his head. Social correctness wasn’t the end all that it is now. I’m sure a few politicians of today would rather forget that past of theirs.

In hindsight, Nixon and his plumbers look good compared to the questionable acts of “the Donald” and the cronies of his inner circle.

I doubt anyone could get away with streaking now, too many cameras, too many self-righteous people with no sense of humor.

Speaking of hindsight, I streaked the Miami Airport back then. Granted it was 3 a.m. on Sunday and I was a fast runner.

Rocky Stenger


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