Bear baiting ads misleading

Dear Editor:

I was born and raised in Maine. I have lived and worked in Maine my entire life. So it is with some surprise that I watch ads by “professionals” employed by the state of Maine imply that it is out-of-state interests that is driving the Vote Yes on 1 campaign. There are a lot of Mainers like myself who are against trapping, baiting and hounding, folks who grew up with an understanding and respect for fair hunting. Who is paying for these ads anyway?

And shame on the state-employed wildlife biologists trying to scare people by implying that we are not safe if we do not engage in these deplorable methods to hunt bear. I have lived in the woods for most of my adult life and have enjoyed coexisting with the wildlife that share my environment, including the black bear. Who has not learned from an early age that you do not feed the bears? Is this a lesson that the wildlife biologists on the TV ads have not learned? Do their colleagues who work in national and state parks and promote not feeding the bears there agree that it is OK to dump millions of gallons of junk food elsewhere in the woods to feed the bear?

I stand with the registered guides, skilled hunters and independent biologists (not employed by the state) along with thousands of Mainers who will be voting Yes on 1 for a fair bear hunt.

Sherry Treworgy