Another choice for governor

Dear Editor:

Please allow me to correct Roger Bowen in his commentary of July 7 titled “Mills vs. LePage race a study in contrasts.” There is a third-party candidate for governor in the upcoming November election. I am standing for governor as an unenrolled independent candidate.

To get on the ballot I traveled to many corners of the state for over three months, putting 10,000 miles on my Buick to gather about 5,000 signatures from 363 towns. Of these, 4,239 were accepted by the state as valid signatures. I obtained over 92 percent of those signatures myself while standing on the streets of many towns and cities, mainly in front of post offices but also at farmers markets. I was run off of most private businesses’ properties for soliciting. I was also asked to leave the parking lot of the Ellsworth post office, but if a post office door was directed on a street (such as Bar Harbor) I was free to solicit signatures. In all I believe I made contact with over 25,000 people in order for about a fifth of them to sign my petition. This experience gave me a very good read on the pulse of the people of Maine.

Early in our history as an independent nation, before the advent of political parties, a community would go to someone they believed would represent them well and ask the person to stand for office. I am standing as a non-politician for political office. I am standing for bringing respect, kindness, fairness and integrity to Maine politics. Most of us are looking for something different from our political system, but few know what that looks like. I am offering a difference. Please visit my website,, to see whether you would like to stand with me.

Sam Hunkler


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