Another assessment of Trump

Dear Editor:

I assumed that the headline “President Trump’s positive impact on America should not be overlooked” promised satire. Instead, I found a wrong-headed, unintentionally comic essay that made me wonder what planet Phil Grant has been living on. He is, of course, entitled to his own opinions but not to his own facts.

He credits Trump with revealing that corruption exists in Washington. Really? The details of the President’s innumerable corrupt actions, foreign and domestic, would take a 50-page pamphlet in fine print to describe.

Equally bizarre is the claim that there was “not a shred of evidence to impeach” Trump. Not a shred, yes, but mountains of evidence, so much that the House could not cover all of it.

Moreover, the strong, pre-COVID economy that author Grant thinks Trump created was in fact the result of Obama’s polices.

The foreign policy successes credited to Trump are debatable, but the man’s affection for dictators, including his pathetic deference to Putin, are well documented. Our allies cringed when he became president, worried as his ignorance of geography, history, treaties and diplomacy became obvious, and cheered the election results. They understand interdependency and see that Trump cares only for himself. With a new president, the country will have a sane and stable foreign policy, not the chaotic, contradictory, amateur-hour machinations of the past four years.

The most reality-defying claim in this article assessing Trump is that he did a wonderful job responding to the pandemic. From the beginning of the crisis, with the President’s denial of its gravity, to his lack of leadership and opposition to public health officials and mask wearing, to the recent botching of the vaccine rollout, Trump has been AWOL.

Phil Grant believes that Trump has “improved the security of the United States.” Just the opposite is true, according to numerous national security experts, military and civilian. Some of the most alarming statements about Trump as a danger to national security have come from people who previously worked inside his administration.

The fabled border wall, meant “to aid our border security people in deterring illegal border crossings,” is hardly a success, not only because of the barbarous policy of separating the children and parents at the border, but also because Mexico has not paid for the wall, wisely recognizing a pig in a poke.

Phil Grant hopes that the magnificent Trump of his imagination will run for president again. The real Trump may have to flee the country to escape prison. Who will then pay the $340 million he owes Deutsche Bank?

Margaret Cruikshank


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