An investment in our future

Dear Editor:

My training to teach nursery school was at the University of Maine, where I spent many hours with preschool children in the home economics and psychology departments.

Later, I had nursery schools in Ann Arbor, Mich., Charlottesville, Va., Bethany, Conn., and North Hadley, Mass.

The Ann Arbor school was in a Methodist church and Charlottesville was in another’s home. When I moved to Bethany, Conn., 20 minutes from Yale, a mother of two preschool age children added a space onto the home for a nursery school. Ten children enrolled immediately. In North Hadley, Mass., we bought a house with a room large enough for a school. Massachusetts law stated that there should be 10 square feet per child. A second adult was needed to be in the home where the nursery school was in session.

Each of these students graduated from college or trade school later. They all had good work ethic and saw life with his or her “glass half full.” All of them are well-adjusted citizens of our country. A positive attitude exhibited to preschoolers goes a long way in enabling them to feel confident and good about themselves. A well-adjusted child makes such a difference when one becomes an adult. Please vote for the [universal preschool] bill so children under 5 years of age can later live happily in this world. When they become adults there will be much less space needed in jails and fewer shootings. Those adults will have good work ethic, “fit in” and enjoy others. They will not need negative or foul language on vehicle plates and signs.

Let’s hope that Washington congresspersons understand that monies funding preschool will benefit financially as well as behaviorally in the future of our nation.

Fran Trefts


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