An incoherent entanglement

Dear Editor:

On Nov. 5, The Ellsworth American featured an “Offshore” piece penned by Marvin Ott titled “A Critical American Moment.”

Let me respond:

Ott’s words cannot pass, cannot stand, without being challenged. When I read his article, I was struck with wonder that such naive analysts should muse and thunder in such lovely language. Unfortunately Ott lacks the objectivity necessary to see the terrible distortion of reality that comes inside the post-American Middle East.

Ott wrote the following words regarding President Obama that were published Nov. 5: “Not since Eisenhower have we had a President so completely in command of strategic decision making.”

The opinion is very wrong and very ill-informed.

The fact of the matter is this President suffers from a lack of experimental ideas. He possesses psychological blinders, and hews to generically endorsed doctrines. Rather than laying the foundation for a national security and a global security, his after-the-fact rationalizations have contributed to an overwhelming sense of insecurity and allowed for a more diverse and dangerous cancer to grow a foothold.

Ott wrote: “The strategic goal is to contain and gradually roll back the Islamic State.”

Contain and roll back? Go visit bloodied Paris. Go visit the soccer stadium where bombers detonated methodically crafted devices; go visit the restaurants where guests were coolly gunned down; go visit the theater where many were systemically executed.

When it comes to foreign policy, the President stuns with cataloged failure after failure. His failed efforts to strike a deal with Iran. His failed efforts to improve America’s standing in the Muslim world with the now forgotten Cairo speech. His failed efforts to strong-arm Russia. With China. With Israel. With the Taliban. With North Korea. He cannot even summon a condemnation of Syria that remotely constitutes conviction.

Ott wrote: “The broader public shows no enthusiasm for a major renewed American combat role in the region.”

Guess again.

In an increasingly anarchic world with weak global governance, the sources of potential harm to all those opposed to are infinite.

The broader public, in fact, wants the cancer of the jihadists rooted out all the way down to its very grainy pulpit.

Ignorance of the Islamic State and its religious views cannot persist.

Where justice is denied, where poverty clouds the land, where anyone class is made to feel oppressed, America should put boots on the ground.

Beware then the great abundance of intelligence invested in articles organized with big Ph.D. vocabulary, for typically the need for illusion runs deep and runs contrary to reality.

So let us not contain and fade back.

Let us put boots on the ground. Boots on the ground. Boots on the ground. That is the only way to deprive ISIS of its homicidal ambitions. Do not support a banal president who rolls out a generic strategy against a desert horde who hunger for genocide. Weed them out one crevice at a time.

Echoing the words of Stephen Hawking: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Ott is entitled to his informed opinions. But they are generic responses grown inside a laboratory and straining inside a cosmos of ignorance.

Tend to your windows, Mr. Ott, there’s a storm coming.

Stephen Williamson

Blue Hill

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