An awakening of sorts

Dear Editor:

Most snapshots of a present time can trace their origin to an event from the past, usually distorted and, often, forgotten. So it exists within the recent activities within the domestic front, involving racial rancor and emotional driven diatribes.

A young black girl, an accusation of the most hideous sort, involving sexual assault, and the forceful hate of interracial assault was broadcast across this nation and spearheaded a movement whose destructive operatives continue to assault us as a nation, and as a people.

What few remember was that the words of a 15-year-old Tawana Brawley galvanized the spirit of this nation in the most positive way possible. Black folks, white folks, Christians, Jews, young people and older ones fused as one voice in the service of a single cause — justice. It was perhaps the most positive example of what we as a country had become, and could have served as the basis for strength, equality, racial cohesion and vision for the days ahead.

Instead, despite the uncovering of fact revealing a scared young woman caught in a lie for personal reasons, the moment, instead of becoming a catalyst for positive action, became a whipping post for Al Sharpton and others for distorting the moment, in the name of “historical truth,” to employ its mandates for political and racial divisions, components that have served well for the advancement of personal and financial gains.

It would well serve all within today’s bloody community to employ the service of memory in remembering that all within our cloaks are capable of serving justice when wrongs are accurately described and that those whose personal existence depends on divisions within our community are discarded along the wayside in a search for solutions.

Ken Fogelman


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