An advocate for the disabled

Dear Editor:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which Congress enacted 30 years ago, expanded access to schools, jobs and the transportation to get individuals to and from these places as well as to other facilities with public access. The law has been a critical tool for removing both physical and social limitations for anyone with a disability and for providing civil rights protections. But more needs to happen to achieve equity in opportunity and to increase compliance with the ADA.

Disability rights is one of the issues Lisa Savage has highlighted in her U.S. Senate campaign. Savage recognizes the need for adequate funding to achieve accessibility for all. A retired public school teacher, Lisa Savage understands that “schools, in particular, struggle to meet the needs of students with disabilities in buildings that require significant modifications to be in compliance, or to provide learning adaptations that meet everyone’s needs.” Public transit, public buildings and information technology could all become fully accessible if the necessary funding existed.

As a U.S. senator, Lisa Savage has pledged that she would support legislation to provide this funding and to monitor compliance with the ADA provisions. Ranking Lisa Savage first for U.S. senator is a way to indicate that accessibility and equity are important to us.

Carolyn Coe


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