A vote you won’t regret

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to express my support and admiration for Nicole Grohoski, who is running to replace Louie Luchini as state senator for District 7. She’ll be on the ballot for the special election to be held June 14.

Nicole has represented Ellsworth and Trenton in the Maine House for two terms and has demonstrated that she is what a legislator truly should be. She is incredibly hard-working, she’s very accessible and responsive to her constituents, she thinks outside the box, and she goes straight at Maine’s major issues to find practical solutions.

Nicole has voted to end surprise medical bills and rein in Big Pharma, to increase the homestead exemption for property taxes, to increase teachers’ pay, to invest in infrastructure like broadband, roads and bridges, to tackle PFAS contamination and to support volunteer firefighters and EMS. She is working hard to ensure that we get the lowest-cost and most reliable energy possible. She knows that Downeast Maine relies on tourist dollars and that we need to conserve and protect the natural beauty tourists come here to enjoy.

If you look at Nicole’s background, you will see a determined young woman raised in Ellsworth by dad Ed, an electrician, and mom Jackie, a school nurse. Her life experience reflects Maine values — she’s been a wilderness first responder, a volunteer firefighter, a Master Naturalist, author of two books, a cartographer and Whitewater Nationals canoe champion.

I’m voting for Nicole Grohoski on June 14, and I urge you to do the same. I’m confident that’s a vote you will never regret!

Please get an absentee ballot or go to your local polling place on June 14 to vote for Nicole if you live in Amherst, Aurora, Bar Harbor, Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Cranberry Isles, Deer Isle, Eastbrook, Ellsworth, Fletchers Landing, Franklin, Frenchboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Mariaville, Marshall Island Township, Mount Desert, Osborn, Otis, Sedgwick, Sorrento, Southwest Harbor, Stonington, Surry, Swan’s Island, Tremont, Trenton, Waltham and part of East Hancock Unorganized Territory.


Irene Schmidt


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