A true public servant

Dear Editor:

Sen. Brian Langley is a different kind of legislator, and I mean that in the best way possible. While many who are sent to Augusta seem to be engaged in nonstop campaigning and political finger-pointing, Brian is a true public servant.

I know this because he was able to help my family when no one else in Augusta would.

Our adopted son has had behavioral issues, due to autism, since he was a young child and was placed in the KidsPeace program. When he became an adult, it was clear he wouldn’t be able to move home with us because of his special needs. We tried to get him placed in a program that serves adults with intellectual disabilities but kept running into bureaucratic brick walls.

Everything changed when I contacted Sen. Langley. As someone who has worked with special needs kids before, he understood our predicament. Brian patiently listened to us and quickly responded to all of our phone calls and emails, and before long, we were able to secure Section 21 housing for our son.

When it seemed no one else would listen, Brian was able to cut through the red tape and find a solution.

I believe that all of our elected officials could learn from Brian Langley’s example. He is a true leader and a problem solver who works on behalf of all of us constituents, regardless of their political affiliation. That’s why I urge you to vote to send Brian Langley back to the Maine Senate this November.

Lisa Branch