A town with heart

Dear Editor:

The Hancock County Democratic Committee’s January program highlighted Bucksport, selected by USA Today as the Best Small Coastal Town in 2021 (https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-coastal-small-town-2021).

Listening to those involved in reenergizing Bucksport and rebuilding its economic foundation, after the mill closed in 2014, one theme stood out. This town has heart. Its actions show love, care and support … of neighbors, businesses, old, young, private, public.

Key to the reenergized Bucksport was the Heart and Soul’s team approach to learning what mattered to those who live in Bucksport (https://www.communityheartandsoul.org/). The team convened neighborhood listening sessions, inviting people to gather for food and conversation. They sought out the stories of the people who lived in Bucksport, including those who were harder to engage.

The nine value statements that came from these sessions hang in the Town Council room and guide their decisions to create an inclusive, vibrant community where those who need a hand are not forgotten.

Before the last Town Council election, the “left”-most candidate and “right”-most candidate were seen having a coffee together. Hearing this, the commitment to inviting people in vs. fostering division and anger became tangible.

As President Biden said after visiting Pittsburgh’s collapsed bridge, “The bottom line is this: It takes all of us working together — all of us working together to get this done.”

Joyce Schelling


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