A reminder for candidates

Dear Editor:

I wrote to The Ellsworth American in 2020 reminding political campaigns that Donald Little Park, the triangle at State Street, School Street and Birch Avenue, is not city property. It has been owned and maintained by the Ellsworth Garden Club since 1949. The club is a nonprofit with 501(c)3 status and therefore is not allowed to support any political candidate or issue. While it may be legal to place signs on the apron of the street in front of any property (as it is considered public right-of-way), political campaigns typically don’t put signs on the front lawn of private homeowners or a church or the library (without permission) because they would like to win votes and not lose them by angering a voter.

On behalf of our 70-plus members and particularly the team of volunteers who work weekly to care for Donald Little Park, we ask all political campaigns to refrain from placing signs around the park and remove the ones we saw this week. Think of the park as our front lawn and we are voters. We still have the right and will remove any political sign placed in a flower bed or one that interferes with the irrigation system or mowing.

Monica Moeller

President, Ellsworth Garden Club

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