A piece of history

Dear Editor:

I was thrilled when I saw that you published (Aug. 19, 2021) the image of the vintage postcard I emailed you depicting La Grande Roue in Paris and containing the message from “H” to his mother in Steuben. It seemed so timely that I found this old postcard mentioning the “flu” that kept “H” in camp during WWI. I would like to clarify that the postcard was actually written Oct. 20, 1918, not Oct. 18, 1920, as you described it in the accompanying description. Dates were written differently at that time and place so 20-10-18 (what was written on the postcard) could be misconstrued. But the actual postmark was more clear and shows Oct. 23, 18. This was clearly a postcard sent by a soldier to his mother. I have decided that this is too special for me to keep and is part of Maine history. Therefore, I have donated it to the Special Collections Department at the University of Maine Orono, where it will be preserved as well as digitized. I am so happy I found this treasure and that you published it.

Pat Banach

Somers, Conn.

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