A new face for the $20 bill

Dear Editor:

In light of the upcoming Indigenous People Day and the recent “Me too” movement, I’d like to suggest an idea. One that may appeal to both the indigenous peoples of America and … all women everywhere. A little history is needed at this point.

Andrew Jackson, the face on the $20 bill, was one of the first presidents to create a government policy of displacing Native Americans to further the white man’s need for more land.

The Trail of Tears was the forceful deportation of thousands of “Indians” from their lands in Florida and the South to the arid and unfarmable lands west of the Mississippi, one day to be Oklahoma.

Sacagawea was a Native American woman who helped and guided Lewis and Clark though the lands of the Louisiana Purchase to the head waters of the Mississippi and on to the Pacific.

What better way to acknowledge the past and the contributions of the first Americans than by removing Andrew Jackson’s face from the $20 bill and replacing it with the face of Sacagawea.

Rocky Stenger


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